the atlantic

Well, we managed to break away from the house and this sweet little village for a trip to the SEA~!!  We thought we were going to Royan, but as luck would have it, we landed in a community just north of that (just) called St-Palais-sur-Mer.  We threw the old bikes in the car, packed a … More the atlantic

August: 1655-65; < Latin augustus sacred, grand, akin to augēre to increase

We are rounding up month two here and it is an aptly named month.  Sacred and grand, it has been full of discoveries about ourselves and this place.  Even some new friends. Each weekend in this high season month, there is some kind of event in the park.  such as: When we arrived, they were … More August: 1655-65; < Latin augustus sacred, grand, akin to augēre to increase

Thirsty Walls

Entire weeks have lapsed and we have been working nonstop.  We’ve woken up in the cabin, had our coffee and headed into the village to tackle our list of things to do.  Michael and our dear friend/brother have been knocking down walls, rerouting electrics, ordering wood from the local wood man and generally making it … More Thirsty Walls


Another sad day in France as an apparent terrorist brought about death and suffering.  The phone started buzzing with texts at 12:30 am our time.  so sad.  We had been in our friend’s house just prior.  We were watching Michael Moore’s latest movie where he goes to various countries and highlights aspects of life in those … More Nice

A day at a time

Days fly by here.  We continue to work on the house by day and retire to the cabin at night for dinner – sometimes with our friends and sometimes not.  Most days we swim in the public pool in the village near ours ( bourdeilles) ( ” bore-day”).  We are loving that time to cool … More A day at a time

busy busy busy

I intended to write sooner, but by the time we return to the cabin at night, fix dinner and say hello to our hosts,  I fall into bed without writing.  We have been working hard on the house and learning so much about conversing in French.   Daunting is the word I will use.  Mike dives … More busy busy busy


As you ay have guessed, our fight DID leave the UK and we are here happily drinking up the sights and sounds.  The flight was uneventful.  We didn’t sit together and both Michael and I had seat mates who were talkative and informative about life in France.   Customs was simple – taking a no frills … More ARRIVED!